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As part of a workshop retreat of the graduate school of the DPZ in Goettingen, I gave a presentation on my experiences of navigating life in academia after the PhD. I am posting the slides here, and will try to convert them into a blogpost.

I have listed additional resources on my main website (including a link to >200 funders for independent postdoc positions). Here are some more links to information provided by others:

Academic career advice:
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute provides a book with helpful tips
The Human Frontier Science Program has advice on fellowship applications
A list of useful resources for the academic job market at the profhacker blog
Blog post by Dr Becca with diverse advice for the job search
Joan Strassmann runs a blog with lots of useful information including her experience chairing a hiring committee
Information from the hiring side of the job search from Dynamic Ecology

how to write grant proposals:
Research Funding Toolkit
Adventures with grant proposals
Essential elements of a good application
Tilting the odds in your favour
Survival strategies for scientists
Funding your research career
Common mistakes in writing applications
Mentoring reading materials

interview advice:
Interviewing for tenure track positions
Resources for the academic job market
Dynamic Ecology advice
Sociobiology job advice

link lists put together by other researchers:

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